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Welcome to Sunnigdale Liquors, These are some of our products

Craft Gin

Well, craft Gin is Gin that's distilled in small batches, with an ethos behind the brand that is filled with passion for creating a beautiful gin for craft gin lovers to enjoy. Craft Gin distillers usually source their ingredients locally, and a lot of love goes into creating their products.

Craft Beer

Whether you end your day with an ice cold Corona or reach for a bourbon barrel-aged stout, if you’ve cracked a beer anytime in the last several years, you’ve probably noticed a surge in the number of alternatives to your usual larger. Come and enjoy our wide range of craft beer to spice up your taste buds.

Craft Rum

The rise of craft gin has been a rather exciting and rewarding trend to witness – countless local small distilleries have popped up in South Africa and we’ve been blessed with some spectacular gins over the last few years. The great news is there’s more to come and in 2018 we can expect a new spirit to step into the limelight – rum! Not just for pirates, rum is gearing up to be the next big thing in SA and beyond. Make sure you look out for our range of craft Rums

Wine Collection

You can always rely on the trusty aroma wine wheel and decide for yourself. Come and view our wide range of wine collections from Merlot to Rome, we stock them all.

Home Brewing Kits

Bit of a hobbies? Brew your own home made beer with our custom kits! Choose your flavour (lager, pilsner, stout etc.) and get brewing. Our brewing-kits come with all necessary equipment to get your first batch going.


Need a great gift for your friends or family with a comical twist? Come check out our amenities for those special occasions or for your own home bar collection.

A Little About Us

Sunningdale Botique Liquor Store

Sunningdale Liquors in Sunningdale is a boutique bottle store that offers a huge variety of fine wines, premium spirits, local and international beers as well as a variety of craft liquor products.

The Sunningdale Liquors’ dedicated management team of Brendan, Grant, and Wine steward Njabula are hands on and always willing to help. Offering specialised advice on food pairing, orders, gifting and special requests. They are always willing to go the extra mile by offering beverage planning for your party or function, with glass hire and delivery.

The proprietors, Mike and Ashton have owned and managed a number of liquor outlets over the years. Both owners have years’ of experience in the hospitality industry and decided to bring this passion into their liquor retail store. As a member of the Blue Bottle Liquors group, Sunningdale Liquors was one of the first to fall under the Platinum store banner.

Should you need any further information please be do not hesitate to contact Brendan, Grant or Njabula on 031 562 0055 and follow them on Facebook @sunningdaleliquors.

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